I am a graduate of the International Center for the Study of Creativity at SUNY-Buffalo State College. It's an amazing place, with remarkable scholars, inspiring professors, and unparalleled resources. My studies have undoubtedly broadened my understanding of what sparks creativity in myself and others, how to unlock it when it's blocked, and ways to incorporate it in a range of circumstances so I can share it with collaborators, readers, and viewers. What I've learned has supercharged my own creativity and that of the clients in the areas of art, design, and writing I'm consulting with now.


As a Creative Problem-Solving facilitator, I assist people and groups in finding clarity. This video explains a bit about the process, and I detail some case studies in this paper.




I designed a Creative Problem-Solving facilitation workshop, which I delivered to graduate students at the University of Alabama-Birmingham. My write-up examines how the process can free blocked writers and artists to create anew.


Feedback from the workshop:

"I had a great time...!"
—grad student Lee Anne F.

"...an extremely refreshing, fun, and productive facilitation!"
—grad student Matthew W.


Sometimes my creativity studies inspire my painting. This video documents the creation of my art piece "Chapter 17/Table 2." You can also read the accompanying paper.


The following academic papers are selections from my studies at The International Center of Studies in Creativity at Buffalo State College.